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Below are some books and literature from Tony's personal collection.  These items are not for sale on this web site, although some may be available at IronHeadMotors.com or Amazon.com.
Harley Davidson
The American Motorcycle
by Allan Girdler and
Ron Hussey
The Harley Davidson Motor Co. and official 90  year history
David K.Wright forward by Willie G.Davidson
Harley Davidson
The legend Grant Leonard
Harley Davidson
The Living Legend
William Green
Harley Davidson
Myth + Mystique
Randy Leffingwell
Harley Davidson
Motor Cycle Color History
Allan Girdler and Ron Hussey
AMF Harley Davidson
Large Brond
V-Twin Motorcycles Sales Brochure with Onion Paper
12 Front + Back Pages
* Factory Issue Lititure
Harley Davidison
Sportster 1959-1985
Ironhead Service-Repair-
An Intertec Lititure/Primedia Publication
* Factory Issue Lititure
AMF Harley Davidson XLCR-1000
Ownres Warranty and Manufacturance Coupon Booklet
#1 Harley Davidson Gift Certificate For Accessories AMF Harley Davidson 1978 XLCR-1000 Owners Manule
*Factory Issued Lititure
AMF Harley Davidson 1977 XLCR-1000
Owners Manule Lititure
*Factory Issued Lititure
AMF 1977-78  Harley Davidson
XLCR-1000 Parts Manule
*Factory Issued Lititure
1979 Price Guide
*Factory Issued Lititure
AMF 1977-78 Harley Davidson
XLCR-1000 Service Manule
*Factory Issued Lititure
1977 Playboy
Article on Harley Davidson XLCR-1000 Sales Hipe
Cycle World on Harley Davidson 1990-1992 XLCR-1000 Page 64-67 Brook and Books Motorcycle 1977 Fashion and Accessories Sales Brochure 30 Pages
*Factory Issued Lititure
Motorcycle 1978 Fashion and Accessories Sale Brochure 30 Pages
*Factory Issued Lititure
AMF 1977 Harley Davidson V-Twin Motorcycle Sales Brocure 29 Pges
*Factory Issued Lititure
AMF 1977 Motor Cycle Sales Brochure 4 Pages Fold Out
*Factory Issued Lititure
Cycle World Magazine
November 1976 XLCR-1000 Artical on page 30-31
Motor Cyclist Magazine
January 1987
Recreating the Harley Cafe Racer Artical on Oage 70-77
Thunder Head Color Sales Brochure 4 Page Fold Out Thunder Head Black+White Installation Manule and Instruction Guide Matchbox XLCR Scale Complete Box Only Package Yellow+Orange XLCR Bike 1/15 Scale Harley Davidson
Special Edition #73320 Die Fast Model

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